Smith & Krantz, LLP
attorneys and counselors at law
Smith & Krantz, LLP, provides legal services in a personal and direct manner.  It maintains significant and particular expertise in the following practice areas:

Civil Litigation: Smith & Krantz, LLP, actively engages in trials and appeals in all city, state and federal courts and administrative agencies.  This part of our practice involves strategic planning, and the enforcement and defense of clients' rights and obligations under the law and contractual obligations.  Areas of litigation include, real estate matters, contracts, corporate and business issues, leases (commercial and residential), landlord and tenant matters, zoning and special permits, construction contracts, proceedings before city, state and federal agencies, proceedings to overturn administrative determinations (Article 78 proceedings), creditors' and debtors' rights, foreclosures, bankruptcy, business and personal torts, and professional malpractice.  The firm pursues alternative methods of dispute resolution where appropriate.
Cooperative and Condominium Law and Related Litigation: Smith & Krantz, LLP, is counsel to sponsors, tenants groups, individual tenants and boards of directors and boards of managers of cooperative and condominium buildings.  These buildings range from among the largest and most prestigious buildings to the more modest.  The firm's attorneys attend board and association meetings.  The firm offers a full range of legal services, including those relating to the initial offering, all phases of shareholder, unit owner and sponsor relations, commercial leasing, constitutional, administrative and tax issues, landlord and tenant matters, transfers of shares and apartments, by-laws and proprietary leases, subleasing and municipal and other government matters.  The firm is actively involved in litigation related to all cooperative and condominium issues including the defense of actions brought by administrative agencies.

Real Estate: Smith & Krantz, LLP, is well known for its expertise in real estate matters.  In addition to its work in the cooperative and condominium fields, it is involved in real estate transactions ranging from the sophisticated to the simplest, including conveyancing, financing, converting, relocating, zoning, mortgaging and leasing of residential and commercial real property.

Multistate: The attorneys of Smith & Krantz, LLP, are admitted to the state and federal bars of New York and New Jersey.