Smith & Krantz, LLP
attorneys and counselors at law
Achieving the goals of its clients quickly and efficiently is the primary concern of the attorneys and support staff of Smith & Krantz, LLP.

Each matter entrusted to the firm is vital.  Each client is, therefore, provided with close personal attention.  Calls, e-mails and written inquiries are responded to promptly and knowledgeably.

A comprehensive approach to all legal issues is provided so that future problems, including tax consequences, administrative action and litigation, are anticipated, considered and minimized.

Zealous representation is necessary in any dispute. Accordingly, Smith & Krantz, LLP is aggressive when appropriate, stresses meticulous preparation, and focuses on the achievement of the results sought by its clients after consultation on all business and strategic issues.

Control of clients' costs is a critical concern to Smith & Krantz, LLP.  It seeks to assign the least costly personnel competent to perform each task.  It often suggests alternatives to expensive or complicated procedures.  Projected costs are discussed in advance.  Detailed monthly billing statements are issued to apprise clients of the time spent, the progress made, and the results obtained.  Smith & Krantz, LLP also has extensive experience in recouping litigation fees, costs and expenses, including fees on fees.

Attorneys at Smith & Krantz, LLP are always prepared to meet with you to discuss how they can assist you to attain your goals.  The firm welcomes your inquiries.